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  • Buildings of the future - what is a smart building?

    Artificial intelligence is playing a critical role in integrating next generation technologies and automating networks - and smart buildings represent one of the most exciting elements of that, allowing workspaces to become more efficient, agile and productive.

  • From IoT to integration, major strides will be made towards a connected digital future come 2020

    The next two years hold huge promise for the telecommunications industry as a range of disruptive technologies and efficiency-realising trends gain traction, laying the foundations for a more agile, better connected digital future.

  • Why Cloud Communications make business sense

    If you haven’t considered moving to the cloud for your business communications needs, now’s the time. Forbes predicts that by 2020, 83 percent of enterprise workloads will be managed by cloud technology. Cloud communications services offer many strategic, financial and technical benefits.

  • Is your phone system holding your business back?

    Telecoms play an integral part in any company’s infrastructure and day-to-day functionality - but are businesses’ investing in today’s technology to help drive and increase efficiency while remaining competitive?

  • Smart Connectivity creates Smarter Businesses

    Smart connectivity technologies help businesses to achieve their goals by optimising the capability of all equipment and systems. Converged networks are at the centre of every smart building and city, underpinning its performance, to ensure efficiency for its inhabitants and businesses.

  • ISDN vs SIP - Don't be left in the dark

    Today’s business climate calls for reliability, agility and flexibility. In order to deliver on these core Goals, the tools companies need to communicate to their customers, and the wider world, must be future ready and fit for purpose.

  • How to choose the right telecoms partner

    Technology has become such a vital part of our lives that we find it difficult to envisage life without our phones. We all know how important communicating with customers is to a business and how difficult it would be to operate without a reliable phone system.

  • Don't let an ageing, or inefficient communications system hold you back!

    Not sure if it is time to upgrade your communications system? Has your communication system reached its end of life and support? If yes, then it’s time to start your upgrade journey, it’s time to get current and maximise mobility and productivity across your business.

  • Smart cities hold the key to our connected digital future

    The world’s biggest cities have never been more connected - and ‘smart cities’ are at the heart of the revolution, providing a vision for the intelligent management of assets while enhancing quality of life for residents.

  • Smart technology for smart businesses

    Smart buildings are connecting people in incredible new ways and enabling deeper insights for more efficient working. Are you a smart business?

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