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  • Aromantic Ltd - An Exchange Communications Case Study #ProblemSolved

    The Customer

    Aromantic Ltd, based in Forres, Moray is renowned for providing organic and natural ingredients, recipes and courses for make-your-own skin, hair and beauty care products, as well as base products for you to customise – since 1997.

  • What will Brexit mean for data protection laws in the UK?

    Since the UK’s EU referendum vote in favour of Brexit, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has confirmed that having clear data protection laws with safeguards in place is more important than ever given the growing digital economy. At this stage, while there is some uncertainty about the eventual impact of Brexit, the ICO has said that it will be speaking to the UK government to present its view that reform of the UK law remains necessary.

  • How technology has changed the way we communicate in the workplace

    Since the invention of the telephone more than a century ago, the way businesses work changed across the world. The rise of the mobile phone and the Internet has since radically changed the way in which businesses communicate with their customers.

  • GDPR & Data Security - How to protect your business

    With changes to data protection law afoot, companies are getting their houses in order to ensure compliance ahead of time.