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  • CPI Mortars - An Exchange Communications Case Study #ProblemSolved

    The Customer

    CPI Mortars - specialists in dry silo mortars has been in business for over 60 years with 10 offices located across the UK. The company revolutionised the construction industry in 1997 with the introduction of its Dry Silo System.

  • Where transforming an enterprise starts with transforming business communications

    Creating superior customer experiences with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Is your business ready for the digital age of communications.

  • Solving the workforce engagement challenge

    Throughout the past decades the workplace has continued to evolve and adapt technology to meet the increased needs of employees. Employees are no longer required to stay at their desks or workspaces and can now more easily collaborate with team members and stay connected, anywhere and at any time. Companies must enable a remote and mobile workforce to be as connected as those in the office.

  • How technology is future-proofing the workplace

    The fundamentals of business have changed. In a world where mobility, apps, social and cloud are delivered in a blink of an eye and the speed of business is ferocious.

  • Most digital transformation journeys are just beginning

    Enterprise leaders clearly understand the need for digital transformation—it’s an evolve or perish kind of scenario. So, most companies are in progress strategizing, planning, implementing and tracking digital solutions. And they’re finding that accomplishing the changeover is a journey.

  • The importance of telephone communication in business

    In a world where mobility, apps, social and cloud are increasingly becoming the preferred way to do business, many companies are forgetting how important the traditional telephone is when communicating with customers.