Is your phone system working for your business?

Posted on 9th Oct 2017 in General

All businesses experience a breakdown in communication due to a fault with their telephone system. This can be due to a simple network issue or an old system that hasn’t been maintained correctly and doesn’t meet your business needs anymore.

To remain connected to your customers and delivering the high level of service your customers expect, it’s important to look at your telephone system and identify if it’s working for your business.

Making it easier to do business

How we communicate with customers is hugely important to the success of any business. Communication channels have continued to evolve including phone, SMS, internet, social media and live chat – all providing easy and accessible platforms for customers to contact you.

Whether they want to contact by telephone, mobile, online, live chat or social media, having all these methods available enables customers to have the power of choice.

Avaya IP Office brings your calls, messaging, conferencing, and customer management into a single system. It’s a unified communications solution that, among so many other features, sends email, voicemail, and texts to the same inbox. There’s call handling, messaging, conferencing, presence, IM and so much more.

Whatever method of communication your customer chooses it is important that your business can meet these requirements.

Increase customer satisfaction

Utilising technology effectively and intelligently within your business can really help to ensure customers feel a greater satisfaction. The right communications solution, at the can transform daily business interactions with mobile, work-from-anywhere capabilities.

The advantages of having your company’s entire communication system in the cloud are virtually limitless. First off, there’s flexibility — if your business is growing or if it fluctuates in size due to seasonal demand, using the cloud allows you to adjust to demands instantly.

Other resources include automatic software updates, increased security, and disaster recovery, so that your business communication system is always safe. The cloud is always on, even if the computer at your desk isn’t.

If you want to get the most out of your engagement platform, and you want to take advantage of the cloud, Avaya IP Office is the optimal choice for both — especially if you presently work with the Premise IP Office solution.

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