How your business can benefit from advances in telecoms technology

Posted on 5th Mar 2018 in

Telecoms technology is always evolving. In today’s location-flexible business market, these developments are largely focused around ensuring workforces stay connected and remain efficient, wherever they are based.

Adopting technology that allows a workforce to operate remotely can bring several benefits to your business. While there are other costs associated with remote workers who are based away from the office, the lack of need for expensive desk and office space can reduce a company’s overall expenses.

Alongside this, there is the possibility of a more engaged and productive workforce. A study of US remote workers by TINYPulse revealed that 91% felt they were more productive working remotely than in an office surrounded by distraction. This is something worth considering, and if your business lends itself to remote working, here are the ways in which technology can help. Communications

All employees, whether working remotely or in the office need to be easily contactable at all times. A system that provides a one number service and unified messaging is key in ensuring that an employee is reachable on whichever device they have to hand.

Avaya’s IP Office Platform is not only reliable and adaptable, this communications platform supports all of your company’s engagement capabilities, applications, and customer services—and can serve all locations, from small branches to corporate headquarters. Get access to a full suite of communications, available anywhere on any device.


Alongside communications, collaboration is vital to company efficiency. All members of a team not only need to be able to access documents and project details from their work place, but also collaborate and discuss with each other. Remote workers often aren’t able to attend meetings in person but with the right system in place, group collaboration tools such as conference and video calls and instant messaging can provide a suitable replacement. These are also important tools for maintaining engagement with remote workers and provide more personable options to staying in touch than email or phone calls.

Exchange Communications can tailor-build video-conferencing solutions that will provide your business with the capabilities of face-to-face collaboration and the option to conduct meetings with full-featured video collaboration, control, moderation, and administration capabilities, so your team has fully interoperable personal video collaboration anytime, anywhere, on any device.

There are plenty of telecoms products to support a remote workforce however as every business is different there is no one-size-fits-all solution. What is important is to create a bespoke package that suits your business’ needs as they are now, while keeping an eye on how the company may grow and develop in the future.

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