Increasing Mobility & Unified Communications in the Workplace

Posted on 9th May 2018 in General

With an increasing demand for businesses to keep ahead of the game through adapting technology which provides both increased mobility and unified communications for employees and customers.

More and more businesses no longer have the need for employees to work from their desks or office. By implementing new technology, tailored to individual business needs and offers the freedom for employees to be able to work from any location or device.

Unified communications enable businesses to ensure that their remote employees are as connected as those employees working in the office. By investing in the right technology to support your employees, will play a key part in ensuring this happens and provide a seamless customer experience each and every time.

The right solution

For businesses choosing the right solution can be difficult with some many option available and technology to choose from. As technology continues to evolve, this provides a challenge for businesses keeping up with competition.

The right solution which provides the required level of mobility and unified communications will not only help you to connect with customers, but ultimately improve employee communication and productivity and your business to continue growing.

Employees each have individual requirements, depending on their role and function within your business. By fully understanding their individual needs and technology required will help you to quickly and easily deliver the right level of communication capabilities to every employee across your business.

Re-creating an in-office experience

By designing a solution, which is tailored to re-create an in-office experience and alos supports your remote employees, will not only help improve productivity but also efficiency across your business.

Remote workers have to be able to collaborate with the same capabilities they would have at head office. Businesses can choose cost-effective solutions which help with collaboration and enable employees to be reachable regardless of their location including instant messaging, chat and video conferencing.

Delivering first-class customer service

Increased mobility and unified communications are fundamental in businesses delivering a first class customer service. Businesses who continue to invest in the right technology provide customers with the power to choose how they communicate with you and preferred channel.

Customers now want to have the option to contact by phone, mobile, email, chat or text message and likely favour businesses who offer a number of communication channels.

With a range of solutions and technology available to enhance customer service including one number access, which provides callers with just the office number, have calls ring simultaneously on your mobile phone. This will help reduce missed calls and maintain a consistent experience for callers.

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