The evolution of business communication

Posted on 29th May 2018 in General

Technology has become such a vital part of our lives that we find it difficult to envisage life without our phones. We all know how important communicating with customers is to a business and how difficult it would be to operate without a reliable phone system.

Since the invention of the very first telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in the 1870’s,a bulky device with a curved mouthpiece and earpiece connected by wires, the communication industry has constantly evolved, largely driven by the ever-changing needs and demans of the business world.

The very first phone call took place in 1876, over a distance of about six miles and today communications can reach every part of the globe through landlines, IP and satellites.

Communication developments

Throughout history, developments in technology and communications have gone hand-in-hand. Businesses now have the option to communicate through email, text messaging, instant messaging and social media, making business communications much quicker and easier.

We have the ability to communicate to a much wider audience, regardless of location or time. The need to be in the same place for face-to-face meetingsis greatly reduced with advances in audio and video conferencing technology, and the internet has broken down communication barriers. Businesses can be available 24/7, 365 days per year utilising overseas call centres to solve time and language barriers.

What does technology mean to your business?

Technology is everywhere; telephone, smart-phones and internet are all key elements in ensuring the successful running of a business. All of these communication tools provide businesses with access to communicate with the world, at the touch of a button or a click.

In today’s world, businesses cannot function without technology and thanks to ongoing developments including smart-phones and tablets - this ensures they are ‘open for business’ 24/7.

What does this mean for telecoms companies?

Telecoms companies need to keep up with their customers’ requirements by making sure they provide the latest innovative technologies.

As technology continues to develop, the best telecoms companies will develop alongside business requirements and provide the right tools to assist their customers. Telecoms companies will continue to play a vital role in providing companies with the required tools for doing business and achieving success in an ever-changing world.

Having the correct telecoms system in place is vital to any company wanting to provide the best customer service possible, at all times. To discuss your company’s requirements and how Exchange Communications can help, contact us on 0800 008 7600 or visit us at

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