A customer service that ticks all the boxes

Posted on 18th Jun 2018 in General

Everyone at some point will have a need to contact a company’s customer services - this could be to discuss an account, services provided or to raise a complaint.

Today’s customer is more interactive, collaborative, knowledgeable, and time sensitive than ever before - so how do businesses ensure they deliver a memorable customer service, and one that ticks all the boxes?

The top 5 customer priorities according to the latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index Report 2018 are the following:

  • Competence of staff (in person and on the phone).
  • Staff understanding the issue.
  • Fulfilment of promises.
  • Helpfulness and attitde of staff.
  • Complaint handling.

Making sure that you have the right tools and channels in place is key to providing customer service service that memorable for the right reasons including:

Connect with your customers

Make it easy for your customers to reach you. The UKCSI report details the leading methods of communication are in person, via website and over the phone. There’s no reason for any company not have these channels in place these days.

Live webchat can be a great asset for customers who are reluctant to phone, allowing queries to be answered without lengthy phone calls to premium rate numbers. For existing customers, online portals let them manage various aspects of their account at a time that suits them and alleviates pressure from your customer service agents.

Customer personalisation

Whatever method of communication your customer chooses, it is important that your customer service agents deal with the query effectively.

Having the right technology in place to make sure your agents have access to customer details and account history provides a feeling of security and trust with the customer.

If the customer is transferred between departments, having systems in place that allow notes to be transferred keeps the experience personal and reduces the need for repitition.

Understand the customer

Understanding your customer is fundamentally important in providing excellent service.

Monitoring and measuring your customers’ experience to determine when they become frustrated in order to offer the most effective ways for them to contact and chat with you.

System such as Xima Chronicall can really help in measuring customer experience by providing call history, call recording and real-time reporting.

Regular training can make sure your teams don’t become complacent. Keep them engaged and up-to-date so they are able to answer any customer. Train your staff on the systems that the customers will be using - let them experience the journey and see where improvements can be made.

Consider the customer journey

Don’t assume that the customer knows or understands your business. Develop communication channels with the beginner customer in mind, and make it painless.

Some systems allow customers to request call-back instead of waiting on-hold. Other services such as Avaya Aura Contact Centre let customers communicate via text, IM, email or chat, giving the power to the customer to choose their preferred communication channel at that time.

Remember - the customer journey doesn’t end when the call does. If you promised something, make sure it’s completed in the stated timeframe. If there’s a problem with this, let the customer know.

Follow up at a later date to ensure everything has been resolved and request feedback. There are a range of systems that will allow you to do this in the least intrusive method for your customer.

Having the right communication tools in place is vital to any company wanting to provide the best customer service possible, at all times. To discuss your company’s requirements and how Exchange Communications can help, visit www.exchangecommunications.co.uk or call us on 0800 008 7600.

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