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At Exchange Communications we have a number of ways that we can help boost your business connectivity.

Whatever your business needs are: attracting customers, trading online, making use of the latest technologies such as cloud computing, communicating with colleagues across the UK and abroad – or simply having an online presence – the right broadband connection is essential.

Business broadband isn’t the same as the residential connection you’d use at home. Most broadband service providers offer a range of options exclusively for businesses. These ‘business broadband’ products offer a number of key features such as:

What are the benefits of ADSL2+ Broadband?

Traditional broadband, known as ADSL2+ (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is delivered via copper telephone lines. According to Ofcom, download speeds for ADSL2+ average 9.7Mbps. ADSL2+ is the widest available broadband option in the country.

ADSL2+ offers faster connection speeds than the original ADSL technology. This means that you can download files quicker and stream higher-quality music and videos! If you currently receive low speeds on ADSL (e.g. if you work a long way from your local telephone exchange) then you may benefit from faster speeds with ADSL2+.

Do I need any new or special equipment for ADSL2+ Broadband?

It is most likely that you will need an ADSL2+ compatible router/modem to be able to fully utilise the larger speeds. Without an ADSL2+ compatible router/modem, you will only receive ADSL speeds of up to 8Mb and not benefit from the faster speeds available with ADSL2+.

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