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Fibre to the Cabinet – Superfast Broadband.

Currently available to over two thirds of the UK, FTTC Fibre broadband is the next generation of broadband and offers a faster and more reliable service than ADSL as it uses different technology – fibre optic cable. Fibre broadband currently averages download speeds of 55. 3Mbps. Distance from the exchange is less of an issue and with fibre networks continually being developed; this means more businesses are able to get it.

In this multi-user, multi-device environment, there is a rich usage of broadband with HDTV and HD Video Conferencing which is driving demand for greater speeds and bandwidth. Cloud computing and storage is also adding to this demand. The good news is with continued improvements to the access network frequency band, planned delivery speeds of up to 80Mbps on FTTC will be experienced.

Some of the benefits businesses can enjoy from superfast broadband:

  • Ability to use more applications.
  • Greater efficiency.
  • Transform the way you work.
  • Save money.

Superfast Broadband

Superfast broadband users are clear that switching to FTTC has transformed the way they work and improved satisfaction with meeting their business priorities. In particular many businesses have cited that it has helped them to manage customer relationships better as it improved responsiveness and quality of service.

If you are ready to make the switch to faster broadband for your business, talk to Exchange Communications today.

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