Cloud Numbering

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Cloud Numbering is a flexible, easy-to-control virtual numbering system that allows your business to set up a dedicated 0300 or 0800 number, or series of numbers, relating to different channels that a business chooses to advertise on. Geographically specific numbers are also available, meaning that you can appear to have a ‘local’ presence and appeal more to potential customers in that area.

With a Cloud Numbering system (Non-Geographic Numbers), you can manage your inbound calls more efficiently, enabling you to provide higher levels of customer service.

Cloud-based inbound services (those calls hosted on a platform in the ‘cloud’) are more secure, more reliable, and in some cases can eliminate line rental costs. You can decide where exactly to point a call and take into consideration business factors such as days of the week, working hours, and out of hours calls, as well as geographical or logistical considerations including routing a caller to the nearest office, diverting calls to voicemail, or translating call content into email.

A Cloud system not only puts your customers more in control, but has solid business benefits in terms of:

Who is Inbound aimed at?

There is an Inbound solution for any business.

  • Sole traders or single site businesses that want to set up and change call routing plans according to opening hours and staff availability.
  • Multi-site or multi-department organisations looking to route calls by caller identity, by caller location, to the right account manager routing across particular teams.
  • Call centre functionality for businesses that place high value on customer service and want to deal with calls more effectively and without missing any.

Inbound services can be set up in minutes for maximum operational flexibility, and are incredibly easy to use – contact Exchange Communications to find out more.

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