Fixed Lines

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As one of the leading business communications providers in the UK, Exchange Communications can supply everything from standard voice lines to adding new lines to your existing package.

We pride ourselves in providing you with a solution, which is perfectly tailored to the needs of your business, all whilst saving you money on your monthly bills.

Using only the UK’s leading quality providers we can tailor a plan to cover all of your requirements, from calls and lines to business broadband and telephone systems.


ISDN2 lines are used for voice and data communications and start from two lines. You can add further connections (in pairs) up to eight channels, which increases the number of simultaneous connections and/or available bandwidth. It also means as your business grows, your communications will grow with you. If more than eight channels are needed, then ISDN30 may be better suited.

Call quality with an ISDN2 line will nearly always be clearer and sharper than a standard phone line.


ISDN30e is a high-performance voice and data service for modern businesses with eight or more employees. Each ISDN30e connection provides 8-30 independent 64k channels. If additional channels are required you can simply add more bearers whilst keeping the same telephone number.

With ISDN30e you can have an unlimited number of DDI numbers, allowing customers and business contacts to dial directly through to staff members, without passing through a switchboard.

PSTN – Public Switched Telephony Network

Public Switched Telephony Network (PSTN) is the analogue network for business customers in the UK. Analogue lines are single lines that are primarily used for making voice calls, connecting to fax machines and connecting to a router for access to the internet.

Analogue lines can only make and receive one call at a time, with a single telephone number allocated to each line. So if you require more capacity, you’ll need multiple (multi) analogue lines. This makes PSTN great for small businesses, as it’s quick and easy to add more lines as your business grows.

If your business makes and receives a lot of phone calls, it’s worth investing in multiple analogue lines to help you deal with them efficiently. Multi lines enable more of your staff to be on the phone at the same time, reducing customer waiting times and increasing satisfaction. Your staff will also be better able to manage and direct calls, as they’ll be able to put customers on hold and transfer calls internally.

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