Contact Centre

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Identifying the correct call centre options for your business can be confusing and time-consuming.

You need tailored contact centre technology solutions to turn your customer interactions into business intelligence and improve your bottom-line business performance.

In today’s market when it’s crucial to connect with your customers on their terms, it makes perfect sense to manage all of your contacts for email, chat, SMS, IM, and social media in the same way you manage your inbound and outbound voice interactions.

At Exchange Communications, we will work closely with you to understand the required capabilities and provide the correct solution to your needs.

Our customers typically achieve a return on investment within 6-9 months by quickly pinpointing opportunities to improve their customer satisfaction, increase productivity, reduce costs and make more informed decisions for their business going forward.

Exchange Communications work with the following three providers and will select the one to best meet your needs.

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A world leading multi-channel contact centre solution, Avaya Aura Contact Centre matches customers with the most appropriate agent every time and supplies the context, both real-time and historical, to deliver a first class customer experience. A unified, efficient, and highly personalised experience that builds your brand and customer loyalty.

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Xima Chronicall is a feature-rich suite of historical and real-time reporting tools. It is being used across the globe today to provide powerful statistics to a wide array of businesses ranging from small offices to large distributed contact centres.

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Liquid Voice Recording Solutions

Liquid Voice enables organisations to comply with all FCA and PCI-DSS regulatory requirements.

A resilient and reliable recording for single or multiple locations with web browser-based call retrieval, replay and management from anywhere on your network, or via the Internet.

Interactions can be monitored by supervisors from any network location for real-time coaching or in response to abusive or difficult callers. Agent screen activities can also be simultaneously monitored as part of ongoing quality management programmes. Rules-based recording allows screen capture to be linked to telephone activity, specific application usage or other triggered parameters.

Liquid Voice recording solutions support ISDN, SIP, analogue, DASS1, CAS, DPNSS and MFR2 trunks and can record from digital, IP, DECT and analogue handsets. They can also seamlessly integrate with commonly used CM, CRM, EDRM and ERP applications to optimise customer interactions.


Communications Centre is a modular solution comprising multi-channel contact centre, operator attendant console, IVR, call recording, quality monitoring and a range of additional components and integration tools. It provides the tools and information needed to improve response times, control costs, improve customer satisfaction and proactively manage performance across the business.

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