Avaya Aura

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All-in-One Multichannel Contact Centre Solution from Avaya

The Avaya Aura Contact Centre takes communications beyond the phone call and lets the customer reach you through text, instant messaging, email or chat.

This multichannel contact centre solution matches callers with the most appropriate resource every time they contact you and gives your employees the context, both real-time and historical, to deliver a first class customer experience. Not only does this reduce your operational costs but it consistently delivers a unified, efficient, and highly personalised experience that builds your brand and customer loyalty.

Key features include:

1. A Single Interface for Managing All Customer Interactions

Reduce call volume and improve efficiency when you expand customer interactions to lower cost channels like chat and SMS/text, all managed through a single agent desktop interface.

2. Support Customers’ Channel Preferences

Did you know that 82% of consumers say they prefer having multiple communication channel options? Now you can meet such customer expectations.

3. Provide a Seamless Customer Experience Across Channels

68% of consumers say they expect the information they give an organisation to be available across the business. Now you can personalise your customers’ experiences by sharing details like customer history and screen pop data across contact channels.

Increase Employee Productivity

Each agent’s desktop can be configured to manage up to six different interaction types simultaneously using a single desktop interface.

With everything at their fingertips, your agents can accept an email or SMS interaction whilst working on a web chat interaction, and provide your customers with the best possible experience.

Manage Your Contact Centre Performance

Manage agent performance and monitor statistics that are important to maintaining service levels using the on-board reporting module which gives access to customised reports, along with more than 120 predefined real-time and historical reports.

Day-to-day management is simplified using the Avaya Aura’s easy to use interface. A single interface allows for system setup, configuring agents, assigning skill sets, performance reporting, managing contact flows and more, helping you to manage your agents and giving you the flexibility to quickly adapt to market changes.

Manage Your 'Customers' Experience

Understanding how your customers are being served and which options are available to them is critical to managing the customer experience. Avaya Aura Orchestration Designer is a graphical workflow management tool that gives you a clear view of customer contact flows and lets you respond accordingly.

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