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Build your own Private Cloud infrastructures with Fabric Connect solutions.

Avaya Fabric Connect delivers a simplified, agile, and resilient infrastructure that makes network configuration and deployment of new services faster and easier.

The Avaya Fabric Connect capability

An enhanced and extended implementation of the Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) technology – creates a service-orientated network that dynamically builds and maintains a resilient multi-path topology. Since provisioning is only required at the network edge, administrators can more quickly deploy new services.

Avaya’s architecture greatly simplifies the deployment of vital business applications, potentially reducing delivery times by days or even weeks and taking human error out of the equation. With Fabric Connect, the chance of an outage due to human provisioning errors – traditionally a significant cause of network downtime – can be virtually eliminated.

Customers are demanding network virtualisation solutions that are not confined to the four walls of the Data Centre. Avaya Fabric Connect offers a single end-to-end service construct that can extend between multiple geographically dispersed Data Centres, allowing for resource sharing, seamless VM mobility and true active, active connectivity between Data Centres and any other Ethernet-connected enterprise location.

Benefits that Fabric Connect deliver include:

  • Empowers accelerated time-to-service, new applications and services can be added or changed 25 times faster than traditional networks. Build the Core once, and deploy services or migrate virtual machines without intrusive redesign or reconfiguration, and without the traditional constraints of physical topology.
  • Seamlessly virtualises Switch pairs to deliver simple, continuous resiliency, and true end-to-end availability and to maximise the utilisation of all links and resources.
  • Delivers unmatched levels of scalability, offering massive levels of virtual backplane capacity together with leading latency minimisation; this helps ensure that inter-rack application traffic avoids the congestion and latency that traditional solutions introduce.
  • Leverages more than a decade‚Äôs worth of continual development to deliver game-changing capabilities, combining the pay-as-you-grow agility of fixed-format Switches with most of the features traditionally associated with high-end modular alternatives.
  • Enjoy industry leading voice and video scalability: Additionally, this unique capability allows businesses to scale the rapidly growing mobility demands, leveraging a fully integrating wireless and wired infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive solutions for traditional corporate assets and the burgeoning BYOD trend. Robust and granular access policy and health checking helps ensure adherence to corporate and regulatory compliance standards and reduces security threat downtime and costs regardless of the access method (wired and wireless).

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