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Put your business-critical applications first

Enterprise wireless local area networks (WLANs) continue to grow at a rapid pace, driven by the explosion of Wi-Fi enabled devices and applications. It is imperative that wireless LAN networks handle this rapid growth and meet the requirements that the myriad of applications place on the infrastructure.

As a market-leader in collaborative UC and Video applications Avaya understands the challenge that applications, especially real time applications, pose. We are also aware that at the end of the day, users care about one thing – the user experience.

The Avaya Wireless LAN 9100 Series delivers a wireless network that supports the way you really work. It delivers a network that allows you to take full advantage of the applications that matter to you, anywhere in your organisation – while helping ensure a high quality user experience.

Avaya WLAN 9100 Series.

Avaya WLAN 9100 Series is an ‘application-first’ wireless offering. It not only delivers wired-like performance and predictability, essential for a high quality experience, but also supports application-level control to ensure business critical applications come first.

While most wireless infrastructure solutions provide user, device, network, and location context, the actual applications that users are running are typically invisible to IT. However this information can be the most critical to profiling and managing network usage.

Avaya WLAN 9100 Application Control recognises over 900 of the most popular business and recreational applications, allowing IT administrators to apply application-specific policies for managing performance and security. Administrators can block, restrict and/or prioritise specific applications as needed.

So choosing a network that gives you the one thing that matters most – a high quality, user experience.

Designed for today’s wireless world, the WLAN 9100 Series offers a broad range of wireless solutions (from a 2 radio AP up to a 4 radio high density AP). Instead of central controllers, everything needed for a secure, high performance wireless LAN is built into each wireless device, reducing equipment and infrastructure requirements.

Features and Benefits:

Application control – visibility and policy control at the edge for predictable application performance. Identify and prioritise critical enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle and Exchange to ensure business progresses uninterrupted.

Simplified Operations – with zero touch provisioning and turn up of new equipment via automated online activation. On Premise (today) and Cloud (future) management deployment options.

Broad portfolio – supporting the latest industry standards (802.11ac) that can match density needs.

Future proof – your network with a technology upgrade path to 802.11ac and other wireless technologies without replacing any equipment.

End-to-End Unified Access – includes unified wired/wireless, BYOD and Guest Access management and unified management.

Predictable performance – extending the benefits and simplicity of Avaya’s innovative Fabric technology to the wireless edge.

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