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Customer Experience Management is the discipline of treating customer relationships as assets, to transform your satisfied customers into loyal customers, and loyal customers into advocates. To this end, omni-channel experience provides the right media at the right time, enabling persistent conversation and consistent experience via context. Enterprise-wide engagement puts customers at the heart of your business, and through actionable insights you understand customer preferences.

Call logging and call recording is the practice of listening to, recording and evaluating telephone calls between employees and customers. Call loggers were mainly used in large call centres or in companies where regulations mandated that they record customer transactions. Today, almost every type of business from dentists to garages use and benefit from them.

Minimising Business Risk

Email has been firmly established as a major channel for interactions between businesses and their customers, but phone transactions are still the number one vehicle for business communications. Everything from price quotes, to delivery schedules and orders, to guarantees are made during routine telephone calls. These commitments create liability for both parties but weeks after a conversation, how well can the parties really recall what was said and when?

In today’s society many businesses have found that it is just as important to document and save these verbal agreements as it is to retain written ones.

Unlike email, where a company can use the archival capabilities of their email management systems to create easily accessible digital records of their communications, how can an enterprise reliably document voice transactions? Many have found the answer in call recording systems.

Using Call Recording for Business Optimisation

Call loggers can be programmed to automatically record all calls or only calls that management deems relevant, such as calls to the customer service group or calls that are longer than 30 seconds in duration. They can also be configured to allow calls to be recorded on demand.

In addition, system operators can decide whether to retain the recordings for just a few days or for years.

These features enable companies to document their verbal transactions as easily as they do their written transactions

Creating Delighted Customers

Companies now have competition from all over the world, so it is more important than ever to keep customers happy and coming back. By using a call recording system, businesses can gather accurate information on the “customer’s experience” and use it to improve.

Customer Service Managers can discover what is at the heart of customer complaints and Operations Managers can quickly identify and correct process problems.

This customer intelligence allows management to learn what is needed, train to fill in gaps and profit from the investment.

Efectively Train Employees

One of the best ways to measure training effectiveness is by observing an employee in their work environment. Call recording software allows managers to observe an employee at any time and from any place to determine training progression. In addition, managers can conduct a fair and comprehensive review of the employee’s behavior while they are actually engaged with real customers, as opposed to a training environment.

Based on these observations, they can tailor the employee’s training going forward. Companies that use effective monitoring do more than just improve their employee’s skills, they also leverage the business intelligence gathered during customer interactions to improve their productivity by enhancing their business processes.

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