Cordless Phones

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When specifying phone system equipment for their offices and employees, many businesses opt for cordless phone handsets. These provide greater flexibility and are much more user-friendly than traditional desk phones, while still delivering all the key call management features that are expected of any modern phone system, such as call forwarding and conference calling.

When comparing cordless phones, the key considerations should be:

What Are DECT Cordless Phones?

DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications and refers to the European standard of cordless phone technology which results in improved sound quality and performance over longer ranges, compared with older cordless or Wi-Fi cordless models.

DECT phones have a base station that can typically support up to six cordless handsets. The base station connects to the network by either an analogue or digital phone line, and handles the radio part of the connection to and from the handsets.

The range of a DECT cordless phone varies depending on the model but will typically be around 50 metres indoors and up to 300 metres in an open space, giving users the flexibility to move away from their desk and to other areas of the office or building without missing vital calls. Booster units can also be installed to increase the useful range as far as is needed.

As well as being used for making and receiving external calls, DECT phones can also be used for internal calls.

DECT phones usually have a battery life of around 12 hours when in use and up to two hundred hours when in standby. The handset will automatically recharge each time it’s placed onto its base unit cradle.

When integrated with a modern VoIP PBX phone system, some models will allow users to send SMS text messages and even access their emails as part of a broader Unified Communications framework.

Which Cordless Phone Is Best?

The answer really depends on your individual requirements and budget, so it is worth thinking about the features that are essential to your company’s phone.

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It is worth thinking about the features that are essential to your company's phone

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