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What if a relatively small investment could help improve productivity, sales and profit without any expensive new systems or disruptive changes to process?

Exchange Communications offer a range of the latest and top quality Sennheiser business and office headsets and speakerphones, which offer exceptional sound quality – even in the busiest of work environments.

Sennheiser Headset Range

Sennheiser manufactures wireless and wired headsetsfor mobile phones, offices and call centres as well as PC and Mac computer headsets for VoIP, entertainment and gaming.

All Sennheiser products are created to make call handling as comfortable as possible for people who spend a great deal of time communicating.

We know that people are most efficient and productive when they are physically comfortable and have the freedom to get up from their workstations and walk around.

Plantronics Headset Range

Plantronics headsets can have a real and positive impact on the bottom line of any business, by boosting productivity and even improving well-being for any employee who needs to make and receive calls throughout the day.

Supra Plus

A Flexible headset for professional users, the SupraPlus provides crystal-clear sound, combined with all-day wearing comfort and reliability. This makes it one of the world’s most popular headsets and it is available in monaural or binaural style, with a choice of voice-tube or noise-cancelling microphone.

SupraPlus Wireless

Total wireless freedom and all-day comfort, the Supraplus Wireless headset improves the overall experience for agents and customers alike. It allows supervisors and agents to move freely whilst staying connected, and makes for an improved training experience.

Business telephone headsets are becoming more and more prevalent and with good reason. It’s very difficult to type, take notes, or find a file with one hand. Holding the phone between your neck and shoulder so both hands are free isn’t good long term. Many office workers can experience neck pain or upper back pain in the workplace due to bad posture, positioning, or simply handling the telephone incorrectly.

If you would like more information to buy or discuss the implementation of telephone headsets within your business call Exchange Communications today.

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