On Hold Marketing

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Why use On-Hold Marketing?

If your business places people on-hold and you have information to tell your customers, then you need On-Hold Marketing and Communications.

The on-hold production is divided into 8-12 prompts of marketing information (e.g. products, services, special offers and events). The production plays on a continuous loop to callers placed on hold or being transferred. Simple monthly subscription costs cover the rental of the media playback unit, installation, message production distribution and licensing, plus on-going network maintenance.

Key service features of On-Hold Marketing

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Also known as Auto Attendant Messaging, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a popular feature with businesses operating a number of departments. The IVR technology quickly connects calls, offering a number of pre-recorded options for the caller to choose from. It then recognises keypad or voice instructions to direct calls to desired departments efficiently with minimum disruption to callers and staff.

Whether you have high call volumes or a small team that’s always on the move, a professionally recorded IVR message ensures your callers always get the right instructions enhancing the user experience.

Night Service Voicing

You can use the Avaya Communications Manager Night Service Voicing function to direct calls to an alternate location when the primary answering group is not available.

For example, you can administer night service so that anyone in yourmarketing department can answer incoming calls when the attendant has left for the day. Once you administer night service to route calls, your customers merely press a button on the console or a feature button on their telephones to toggle between normal coverage and night service.

With the Avaya Communication Manager Night Service Voicing your customers always hear a consistent, professional message and provides the perfect opportunity to let callers know your office hours, how they can get in touch or where they might find the information they need online.

On-Hold Messaging

On-Hold messaging keeps your callers informed while they are waiting to be connected. Whether it’s your latest company news, basic contact details, or simply other services which you provide, on-hold messaging really works.

We’ve all experienced poorly-produced telephone music, beeps or silence.

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