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The Internet is an integral part of doing business – from sending emails, to hosting a web site, to setting up IP VPNs to interconnect locations. Today, more than ever, organisations require reliable Internet connectivity with increasingly higher speeds to satisfy growing application requirements. They must accomplish all of this while carefully managing their IT costs.

Internet usage continues to grow and evolve significantly from its simpler web browsing and email origins. Organisations large and small now extensively rely on the Internet as a critical component of their business operations.

The adoption of new technology can help drive costs out of business operations as well as serve as a path to new revenue generation.

Ethernet Dedicated Internet Access

A popular way for organisations to connect to the Internet is with Ethernet DIA. Services are typically delivered over a single Ethernet fibre optic connection to achieve any amount of bandwidth between 10Mbps and 10Gbps.

The Ethernet port speed you select will depend upon your initial bandwidth requirements and your anticipated incremental bandwidth needs for the duration of the service agreement.

A 10/100Mbps Ethernet port speed is sufficient for most organisations.

Ethernet DIA services are typically delivered via a fibre optic connection. If your building does not have a fibre optic connection, we will deliver a fiber optic connection to your building. There will be a one-time cost associated with the installation of the fiber optic connection and a monthly recurring charge based on the amount of bandwidth your organisation requires. Additional cost savings can be achieved by migrating select in-house IT applications to cloud-based implementations.

Upgrading Ethernet DIA services to a higher bandwidth can be accomplished with minimal service disruption. We can add bandwidth remotely and reconfigure the Ethernet service router to support the new Ethernet DIA bandwidth you require.

Ethernet DIA services provide many benefits, the most obvious benefit is higher bandwidth. In addition, Ethernet DIA services enable organisations to more quickly and cost-effectively add Internet access bandwidth to balance their business needs. This elastic bandwidth capability of Ethernet DIA services enables you to optimally manage IT costs while your business grows.

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