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Dedicated internet access with guaranteed speeds

If like many people today your business relies on the strength of its data connection, then there are a range of Ethernet solutions dedicated to internet access with guaranteed speed and service levels.

Ethernet First Mile can offer the ideal solution for your business, with extra reliability, security and symmetrical download and upload speeds that make Ethernet ideal for large data transfers, video conferencing, smooth and seamless VoIP calls, and access to cloud-based services.

EFM, also known as Ethernet in the First Mile, is an Ethernet leased line service that runs over copper rather than the fibre optic cable used for other Ethernet services. The copper is provided in bonded pairs, making the connection extremely robust. If one copper pair fails, the others remain live, meaning you don’t suffer any downtime and can continue working with reduced bandwidth until normal service is restored.

How reliable is EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile)?

EFM is extremely resilient, for example, on a 4 Pair service; you retain 75% bandwidth if connectivity is lost on one pair. Exchange Communications have a network of engineers nationwide who can be routed to site within 2-3 hours if required.

Benefits of Ethernet in the First Mile

  • No Download Limit.
  • Up to 20 Mbps download speed.
  • Up to 20 Mbps upload speed.
  • 24/7 Support.
  • Free Static IP.
  • Bridges the gap from existing broadband technology.
  • High-speed Business Grade quality.
  • Resilience and reliability.
  • Can also be used as part of an MPLS solution.

EFM is ideal for businesses that are looking for greater bandwidth than Broadband but don’t want the cost and commitment of full-fibre Ethernet. It delivers the identical upload and download speeds today’s businesses need to support VoIP and hosted solutions.

At Exchange Communications our contract terms can run either over 12 or 36 months. We also offer EFM as ‘wires-only’ (just the connectivity) or as a ‘Managed Service’ including the router.

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