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Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet is provided by copper from your business premises over the short distance to the green cabinets in the street. Unlike standard broadband where the copper then continues all the way to the exchange, EoFTTC traffic travels across a shared fibre optic circuit to the exchange. As a result, the extra distance doesn’t lead to ongoing degradation of performance, which allows access to up to 20Mbps symmetrical speed with the additional boost downstream making a total of 76Mbps downstream bandwidth.

This provides an Ethernet type service, without the expense, whilst offering great UK wide coverage that’s more often available in residential areas.

EoFFTTC is ideal for both internet and MPLS IPVPN services. Often chosen for its speedy transfers of large data files as well as running simultaneous applications like SIP, video conferencing and real-time business applications.

What can EoFTTC do for your business?

What can EoFTTC do for your business?

EoFTTC can offer a lot more than a standard Fibre Broadband (FTTC) connection and we would always recommend any business considering EoFTTC to speak to Exchange Communications first. We can verify service availability and if it suits your business needs.

Business benefits of upgrading to EoFTTC

  • Ideal for internet and MPLS IPVPN services.
  • A great option if Excess Construction Charges (ECCS) or complex wayleaves are identified for alternate fibre products.
  • Bandwidth is reserved exclusively for your connection ensuring consistent symmetric speeds of up to 20Mbps, yet downstream can reach 76Mbps.
  • Typically faster installation than some other Ethernet products.

Why is this important for my business?

The increase in upload speeds can make a significant difference to running many business applications. FTTC upload speeds are often 10Mbps maximum whereas you can potentially double this with EoFTTC to 20mbps or possibly more. High upload speeds will enable:

  • Fast upload of large data files.
  • Easy adoption of Hosted ‘Cloud’ services.
  • Adoption of VoIP Telephony with associated cost savings.
  • Video Conferencing and on-line Collaboration.
  • Multiple data traffic – voice, data and internet.

VoIP services require good upload speeds in order to deliver QoS (Quality of Service). This minimises delay and maximises quality of audio and video transmission meaning maximum call quality is achieved.

Hosted cloud services are also made noticeably more efficient due to improved upload speeds, even large files such as high quality videos are uploaded in a fraction of the time it would take to upload on a regular broadband service.

If EoFTTC is available to you, all the above benefits can come at a lower cost than EFM or Ethernet over Fibre (leased-lines) and if your business already uses a FTTC connection, then upgrading to EoFTTC is quick and cost effective since the physical BT infrastructure required is already in place.

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EoFTTC is quick and cost effective since the physical BT infrastructure required is already in place.

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