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What is the UK’s best business mobile network? With data speeds and allowances as important, if not more so than call costs, the answer can vary depending on your specific needs.

With more networks building bases and putting up masts around the country, the scope and quality of mobile phone coverage in the UK is improving all the time but despite their efforts, there are still some areas where networks offer weaker mobile coverage.

At Exchange Communications we can advise on each of the major carriers and outline the sort of coverage and connection speeds you’ll receive, being independent you can be confident our advice is impartial as we are not tied to any one supplier.

As one of the UK’s leading independent business telecom providers, we can check the best business mobile deals as well as finding you the right business mobiles.

If like many people today you spend more timeout of the office than in, mobile broadband can be crucial for you to stay connected and responsive with your customers and colleagues when you’re out and about.

Mobile broadband deals are ideal for anyone who needs access to the internet on the move, with a contract deal usually giving you cheaper access than pay as you go.

Contract lengths can vary but are usually anywhere between 12 and 24 months long and you’ll usually be provided with all the equipment you need to connect to your computer or tablet.

Download speeds will vary depending on where you use your connection, with built up urban areas generally having better speeds than more rural locations.

If you are looking to keep you costs low, business SIM only deals are ideal for staff who need to regularly keep in contact with customers, other staff or suppliers.

Sim only plans can offer the best value mobile phone tariff available on the market today because you are only supplied with the sim card itself – no mobile phone is supplied which keeps the costs as low as possible. This makes the business sim only an excellent option because staff can simply use the sim in their existing phone or a backup phone. Sim only deals are extremely flexible in that most contracts are 30 day rolling contracts, so if a member of staff were to leave, you would not be fixed into a costly 12 month contract as would normally be the case.

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As a reseller for all networks in the UK, including Vodafone, EE, and O2, Exchange Communications use our experience within the industry to make sure that you get the best deal from your business mobile provider.

We’ll provide your business with a tailored mobile solution based on service, price and flexibility, and working with the main network operators, we can build a package that integrates with your telephone system and allows your company to be truly mobile.

When it comes to the best business networks around, EE, Vodafone and O2 are all well positioned for a number of reasons.

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Mobile Broadband

Let Exchange Communications find you the best possible solution for business internet access on-the-go.

We search the whole of market for you, to give the best choice of price plans from all the major UK networks meaning that your business productivity can rise dramatically, but your bill doesn’t have to!

Mobile broadband packages are always tailored to suit your business needs, with pay monthly contracts so you always know what you are spending.

For businesses that demand the fastest mobile broadband, a 4G network can deliver broadband speeds up to 60MB per second*.

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Sim Only

Low cost business SIM only deals can offer the best value mobile phone options for your business when you want to keep costs to a minimum.

No one really wants to have to carry around two handsets and most people prefer to use their own device, making a sim only, an excellent business option.

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