In Building Mobile Coverage

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In-Building Systems for great mobile coverage

Your customers expect mobile connectivity even in buildings with poor or no mobile coverage. Keep them connected in shopping centres, airports and hotels with an In-Building Solution using a Distributed Antenna System.

An In-Building Cellular Enhancement System, commonly implemented in conjunction with a distributed antenna system (DAS), is a telecommunications solution which is used to extend and distribute the cellular signal of a given mobile network operators within a building.

Operators are commonly supported by such solutions from a number of network providers including Vodafone, 02, and EE.

Below ground level, large buildings and high rises are examples where mobile phones are unable to properly reach the carrier’s macro or outdoor network. In these environments, the in-building cellular enhancement system will connect to the carrier’s signal source which is typically a bi-directional amplifier or a base transceiver station.

This signal source transmits (and receives) the mobile network operator’s licensed radio frequency. This frequency is then transported within the building using coaxial cable, optical fiber or Category 5e/Category 6 twisted pair cable. In-building coverage antennas are strategically placed to provide the best overall coverage for users.

Stay connected. Always.

How do you provide mobile connectivity inside even the most difficult-to-connect locations? Indoor mobile coverage is part and parcel of modern life. But ensuring 24/7 connectivity can be a big challenge inside certain locations, especially at peak times. That’s down to a range of factors, such as building materials or the layout blocking signals from outside. Distributed Antenna Systems solve this problem by giving mobile users a signal using antennas located inside the building.

High density venues

A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is ideally suited for very high density venues where multi-operator support is needed. This might be a shopping centre with high footfall, or a busy underground metro system transporting millions of passengers every year. It could be a conference centre or a transport hub, such as an airport where visitors are constantly on the move.

Customer experience

As the retail, transport and hospitality sectors adopt increasingly smart customer engagement strategies, a DAS can make all the difference to the customer experience. Widely available and reliable indoor mobile connectivity from multiple MNOs is known to increase venue desirability, as well as visitor dwell time and footfall

Exchange Communications In-Building Coverage Solutions

Being ready means improving the mobile signal in your workplace with Exchange Communications In-Building coverage solutions.

Whether you’re in a rural location or based in a densely built-up area where network coverage can be patchy, you can create a reliable wireless environment for your employees to get high-quality voice and data on their mobiles.

Exchange Communications flexible In-Building coverage solutions have been designed to overcome a wide range of signal challenges across sites of all sizes. Our coverage consultants will analyse your needs and help you choose the best option for your organisation, meaning your employees can enjoy a reliable and secure connection from day one.

To find out more about our In-Building coverage solutions, contact Exchange Communications.

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