In-Building Mobile Coverage Solutions

We have all experienced some form of mobile coverage mishap, be it your signal cutting out during an important business meeting or missing phone calls.

80% of all mobile traffic is generated indoors. Loss of signal can be due to variations in construction materials and building geometries, there is no guarantee that the signal from outdoors will be able to penetrate inside all buildings. Even when this does not entirely exclude service, it can significantly degrade reliability for calls and reduces data speeds, placing a greater load on outdoor cells.

In-Building Mobile Coverage Solutions are a unique building block for smart buildings. There is no 'one to fit all' solution. With different building structures comes unique requirements, different designs and therefore multiple solutions. Our comprehensive in-building mobile coverage solutions have been designed to overcome a wide range of challenges across sites of all sizes – ensuring your employees and customers are always available, anytime, anywhere, any location.

In Building Mobile Coverage Features

  • Boosts cellular coverage
  • Multi-band, multi-operator, multi-technology systems
  • Network safe solutions
  • Data driven decisions and predictive maintenance
  • Economic benefits & ROI
  • High capacity data network
  • Increased employee productivity

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