Essential Add Ons

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Ensuring you are operating on the best business phone system is the first stage. To get the most from your customer interactions there are a few things that we consider are the essential add-ons for businesses, the first is call recording and call logging software.

When it comes to call recording and logging software there is a vast range available, but we can recommend the best compatible options for your business as well as advising on those which are most suited to your needs, whether they be legal, industry compliance or training reasons.

There are many benefits to call recording for businesses and organisations:

  • Staff performance monitoring.
  • Training support.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Regulation.
  • Call history.

Customer retention

On-Hold Marketing (OHM) provides another opportunity which when done well, enables businesses to promote products and services and raise brand awareness in a cost effective way. No one likes to wait and by having OHM in place it psychologically reduces a customer’s hold/transfer time. By keeping callers entertained with informative messages, they are less likely to hang up and call your competitors.

Be healthier and more productive

What can a headset do for you? Did you know that using an office headset on a daily basis can reduce unnecessary back pain and fatigue caused by cradling the phone on your shoulder? Using office headsets as part of your daily work routine can help improve posture, and make you feel more active and refreshed at the end of the working day.

Not only does a headset help you physically, they also increase work productivity. Studies have shown that using a headset instead of holding the phone frees up a hand and can improve productivity by up to 43%, find out more about the best headsets for business, including Plantronics and* Sennheiser headset* options.

Never miss a call!

We also understand that not everyone is based at their desk, so if you or your staff are often out on the floor and need the flexibility that comes with cordless phones, we can recommend the best commercial options with the battery life to match! Having the ability to use a cordless phone hands free is also very convenient especially when you are busy at your computer.

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Call Recording/ Logging

Call logging and call recording is the practice of listening to, recording and evaluating telephone calls between employees and customers.

Call loggers were mainly used in large call centres or in companies where regulations mandated that they record customer transactions. Today, almost every type of business from dentists to garages use and benefit from them.

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On Hold Marketing

If your business places people on-hold and you have information to tell your customers, then you need On Hold Marketing and Communications.

The on-hold production is divided into 8-12 prompts of marketing information (e.g. products, services, special offers and events). The production plays on a continuous loop to callers placed on hold or being transferred. Simple monthly subscription costs cover the rental of the media playback unit, installation, message production distribution and licensing, plus on-going network maintenance.

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What if a relatively small investment could help improve productivity, sales and profit without any expensive new systems or disruptive changes to process?

Exchange Communications offer a range of the latest and top quality Sennheiser business and office headsets and speakerphones, which offer exceptional sound quality – even in the busiest of work environments.

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Cordless Phones

When specifying phone system equipment for their offices and employees, many businesses opt for cordless phone handsets. These provide greater flexibility and are much more user-friendly than traditional desk phones, while still delivering all the key call management features that are expected of any modern phone system, such as call forwarding and conference calling.

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