Whitepaper calls for urgent review of Scotland’s digital strategy

Collaboration is vital according to leading connectivity experts

It is vital that Scotland fast tracks its evolution of digital technology in the wake of the pandemic. That is according to experts who have released a white paper calling for collaboration from the Scottish Government when reviewing its digital strategy following the economic shock of COVID-19.

Exchange Communications, one of the UK’s leading digital transformation and telecoms specialists, led by CEO Tom Sime, has unveiled the paper to explore the digital opportunities emerging from coronavirus in its different dimensions and across all sectors.

It has highlighted the need for investing significantly in digital technologies for the country to reach its ambition to be a transformative, inclusive, greener and collaborative digital nation.

Tom Sime, CEO, Exchange Communications, said: “Now is the time for action in prioritising investment in Scotland’s digital strategy to aid private business and the public sector alike, to secure a unified communications infrastructure.

“Not only can unified communications address issues of staff wellbeing, digital inclusion and collaboration opportunities, but it will also help realise Scotland’s ambition to become a cleaner and greener place.

“Reviewing the country’s digital strategy, as hybrid working models are now being considered, has never been more important. It is essential this is considered across every part of business to ensure a consistent approach which can assist with different working environments, including remote working, support energy saving and create an environment that can make more efficient use of resources.

“As a business we have been at the forefront of smart building, connectivity, digital transformation and telecoms technology for the last 30 years, leading the 5G roll out across some of the biggest travel hubs, airports, arenas, sport stadiums and shopping centres across the country and supporting hotels, hospitals and offices with their smart building capabilities.

“During the last three decades, however, there has never been such a seismic shift in how businesses operate so the time is now to consider how we move forward as a country with this new chapter in digital evolution.”

Exchange Communications partnered with NFON and GovNews to draft the whitepaper and is currently speaking with a number of public and private sector businesses keen to be part of the digital evolution.  An interactive webinar on the topic of advancing Scotland’s digital evolution is scheduled for Tuesday 15th June 2021 at 11am.

Those interested can register to attend the events here.

Exchange Communications is a leading cloud and digital transformation specialist, delivering telecom and smart building connectivity solutions to businesses in over 100 countries worldwide.

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