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  • How digital transformation is driving customer experience

    Digital transformation is forcing companies to change their business models and adapt to the new market reality.

    What’s interesting about this is that it’s not the companies that are driving this change. Instead, this change is being driven by the customer.

  • Choosing the right unified communications system for you

    Effective communications is essential for success. In today’s enterprises, employees need tools to take an active role in creating value, delighting customers, and engaging colleagues in flexible interactions that deliver business results. You need a communications system that has the flexibility, mobility and reliability to compete in today’s fast-paced business environment.

  • Why Cloud Communications make business sense

    If you haven’t considered moving to the cloud for your business communications needs, now’s the time. The cloud is transforming the way companies do business by enabling digital transformation. Change the way your organisation communicates and collaborates internally and externally by turning to cloud communications for your telephony, unified communications (UC), collaboration, mobility and contact centre communications needs.

  • Five ways 5G will transform the way we do business

    With 5G almost within our grasp, so to speak, how will its introduction impact the business world?

  • Forging lasting connections through the Internet of Things

    Over the decades we have seen the birth of many new technologies and witnessed the advance of the internet and now another technological and cultural phenomenon unfold - what’s become known as the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • CPI Mortars - An Exchange Communications Case Study #ProblemSolved

    The Customer

    CPI Mortars - specialists in dry silo mortars has been in business for over 60 years with 10 offices located across the UK. The company revolutionised the construction industry in 1997 with the introduction of its Dry Silo System.

  • Where transforming an enterprise starts with transforming business communications

    Creating superior customer experiences with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Is your business ready for the digital age of communications.

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