Don & Low Ltd – An Exchange Communication Case Study #ProblemSolved

The Customer

Don & Low Ltd – is a leading technical textiles specialist and internationally renowned manufacturer of woven and nonwoven polyolefin textiles based in Forfar, Angus.

The Challenge

Exchange Communications were tasked with providing improved technology that would transform the way Don & Low Ltd conducts business by offering a seamless engagement experience for both customers and employees.


Exchange Communications designed and implemented a bespoke Avaya IP Office solution which delivers continuous operation, create centralised services, connectivity and complete resiliency for the business.

Key Results / Benefits

Exchange Communications carried out the system update without disrupting Don & Low Ltd working day.

Additional benefits for Don & Low Ltd from implementing the new system were:

  • Improved technology – by creating a telephone enterprise solution with a single point of administration.
  • Increased efficiency by meeting the company’s communication needs on a single system and reduced training/support requirements through the uniform deployment of enterprise-wide features and dial plan.
  • Transforms the way Don & Low Ltd conduct business by offering a seamless engagement experience for both customers and employees.  Regardless of their locations, devices, or applications, users have telephony, messaging, conferencing, contact centre, video and unified communications.
  • Redefined availability and security delivered through business communications applications on secure platforms that are as reliable and secure as traditional voice. High availability and security are about facilitating distributed IP technology to meet traditional voice expectations.
  • Resilience capabilities, such as automatic fail-over, has helped prevent service disruption by enabling any site to function as a stand-alone system until network services are restored.

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