Hasbro – An Exchange Communication Case Study #ProblemSolved

The Customer

Hasbro – a global toy company and the third largest toy maker in the world – operates 28 sites worldwide with over 5000 members of staff.  During the latter part of summer 2016 Hasbro identified a requirement for an upgrade to their existing multi vendor EMEA offices communication system’s that offered both resiliency and an enhanced customer service.

The Challenge

By utilising Hasbro’s existing Avaya Aura Communication Manager Solution Exchange Communications were able to offer a cost-effective solution that delivers a highly-resilient and extensible IP Telephony foundation for seamless traditional Telephony and Unified Communications solutions.

There were a number of challenges for both Hasbro and Exchange Communications to overcome to fulfil this request.  The most challenging being that six remote sites (approx. 700 users including customer care call centres) all based within EMEA, had to be in place and fully operational before the end of December 2016.  Additionally, this also included integrating the company’s global policy of adopting a worldwide E.164 Extension number schema which involved a major task of planning, adapting, advertising, implementation and testing.


To minimise any disruption to the end-users, the pre-planning and number plan adapting was completed off-site within the EMEA Core Enterprise leaving the on-site operation to one of replacing hardware / handsets and advising on operational differences.

The first site to be integrated, Germany, was completed in late October 2016 with the final site France, completed mid December 2016.

All sites were completed using the required E.164 extension number schema, with an adaption to allow four-digit inter-site dialling where possible.

Key Results / Benefits

Exchange Communications successfully completed the system upgrade at each site with minimal disruption to Hasbro’s working day.

Additional benefits for Hasbro from implementing the new system were:

  • Improved technology by creating a telephony enterprise solution with a single point of administration.
  • Resilience capabilities such as automatic fail-over, have helped prevent service disruptionby enabling any site to function as a stand-alone system until network services are restored.
  • Increased efficiency by meeting the company’s communication needs on a single system and reduced training/support requirements through the uniform deployment of enterprise-wide features and dial plan.
  • Increased flexibility with a single point of contact and integration into other applications including call logger and call recording.
  • Enable employees to take care of business more easily and quickly – allowingstaff at headquarters, branch offices, and on the road will all be using the same enhanced communication capabilities.

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