Many businesses adapted to home working in a matter of days – with haphazard call forwarding and makeshift networks. Now is the time for businesses to take back control of their technology and make sure the balance of home and office working is slick, efficient, optimised and cost effective. 

Our advice is to consider these areas when harnessing your business technology: 

Telephony – clients are put off by clunky call forwarding, inability to transfer calls and a lack of polish when it comes to telephone customer service. Consider what system you need to have in place to deliver a professional service. 

Security – it is vital that your network and sensitive information are not compromised by remote working. Ensure you have the right digital measures in place to guarantee security. 

Meetings solutions – a shared Zoom account will not cut it for businesses who need to keep up appearances. Having access to the best platform for the right people within your business is imperative for maintaining professionalism via virtual meetings. 

VPN – working from home has its advantages, but time and efficiency can be lost if employees can’t access the files they need. Having suitable VPN access is a must. 

Cloud solutions – even better, establishing the right cloud-based technology for your business will pay dividends for years to come. If ever there was a time to move to the cloud, this is it. 

Connectivity – most people’s homes are not optimised for the demands of business. An erratic wifi connection or slow download speeds can have a negative impact on efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Working with your employees to establish fibre solutions, or being ahead of the curve in embracing 5G technology, is key.  

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