Our CEO Tom Sime doesn’t think so – and here’s why… 

“Most people’s homes are not optimised for the demands of business. Normal domestic broadband and WIFI don’t have the required speed to deliver business efficiencies and can have a negative impact on people working at home, with frustration for both the employee and employers who see a downturn in productivity. Good fibre solutions can solve the issue, and it’s absolutely right that businesses facilitate home working in the current climate, but we should not forget the traditional office working model – it is far from dead, and with the right tech solutions, businesses should be geared up for either remote or in-office working when the time is right. 

“I believe that after the pandemic, mixed model working will be the future and the office will not be forgotten. Many people working from home do not have the dedicated business space – working from a sofa, kitchen table or a breakfast bar creates domestic friction and does not give workers the ability to separate home and work life effectively.  

“So it’s important that we make home working as easy as possible, with better connectivity, and also create a smarter office environment for those returning to the office when the time comes, where they might feel more in the ‘work zone’.  

“As the economy recovers there are lots of organisations talking about reducing their office space which will mean a larger number of people will have to access that new smaller space. To enable that to happen effectively and offer flexibility to employers and employees, it’s important to make the space smarter – and we at Exchange can do just that. We can help businesses with flexible solutions that don’t care if a person works from home or office, offering the ability to flex between both seamlessly. That will be so important in our new business reality.” 

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