Why Cloud communications make business sense

If you haven’t considered moving to the cloud for your business communications needs, now’s the time. The cloud is transforming the way companies do business by enabling digital transformation. Change the way your organisation communicates and collaborates internally and externally by turning to cloud communications for your telephony, unified communications (UC), collaboration, mobility and contact centre communications needs.

Forbes predicts that by 2020, 83 percent of enterprise workloads will be managed by cloud technology. Cloud communications services offer many strategic, financial and technical benefits. So why should you use cloud communications for your business?

Maximum mobility

You know how frustrating it is when a colleague or customer calls you on your office number when you’re not at your desk. In the worst case, you will not hear the voicemail until days later. With cloud communications solutions, you can be reached at any time, on any device, on the same extension – at home, on business trips or at your workplace.

Home office and remote work have become an integral part of our working world. Furthermore, around 90 percent of all employees who regularly work on the go no longer want to give it up.

Collaboration for Virtual Teams

In addition to mobile accessibility, cloud communications solutions facilitate successful virtual teams. Teams with members in different locations around the country – or the world! – benefit from a unified communications platform through which they can communicate with each other at any time.

Using cloud solutions, any size business can connect teams using cloud communications solutions for voice and data, bundled with collaboration platforms and productivity apps. Accessibility to cloud apps, from anywhere at anytime and from any device, are fundamental to the success of virtual teams.

Leading-edge Technology

When using cloud communications software and hardware, you do not have to worry about tech updates and upgrades. And with the maturation of cloud technology and solutions, teams have access to state-of-the-art technology.


Scale up or down based on users. Anyone who has moved or expanded an on-site phone system knows just how difficult it can be. Whether a business is growing, moving or sizing down, the cloud provides the flexibility and scalability the business needs now and in the future. And with cloud-based systems, businesses can access and add new features without any new hardware requirements.


Predictable monthly costs. This may seem like old news, but many companies don’t realise just how much they can save by moving their communications to the cloud. By hosting a phone system over the Internet, businesses are charged on an “as needed” basis, paying only for what they use. That makes cloud-based communication systems especially cost-effective for small businesses – eliminating the need to pay for the installation and maintenance of a traditional phone system.

You can protect your business from costly downtime.

When you own your own systems, carrier-style reliability is often out of reach. It can be incredibly costly to build in the redundancy and fail-over capabilities you need to ensure vital communications connectivity is always available. Power loss, component failure or even a simple software glitch can interrupt your ability to do business. When you select the right communications service provider, though, you get protections you would likely be unable to afford on your own.

Having the right communication tools in place is vital to any business wanting to provide the best customer service possible, at all times. To discus your company’s requirements and how Exchange Communications can help, call us on 0800 008 7600 or visit www.exchangecommunications.co.uk

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