Time To Be Smart in 2021

Something we have certainly learned in the last year is that we can’t predict the future, but in the world of telephony and connectivity, there are some key trends for […]

Is traditional office working dead?

Our CEO Tom Sime doesn’t think so – and here’s why…  “Most people’s homes are not optimised for the demands of business. Normal domestic broadband and WIFI don’t have the required speed to deliver […]

Take back control of your technology

Many businesses adapted to home working in a matter of days – with haphazard call forwarding and makeshift networks. Now is the time for businesses to take back control of […]

Special Free Avaya Spaces Offer

Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic there is an immediate need in the education sector as campuses are shut down, as well as with non-profits and charitable organisations that are working […]